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SSTI Singapore launches first ever e-Learning Board Governance Programmes through Inchone Learning Management Solution 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 10:00:00 PM

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Social Service Training Institute ( SSTI ), the training arm of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS), launched its first-ever e-Learning Board Governance Programmes in collaboration with the Charities Council on 13 January, 2009. Inchone is proud to be the service provider of both the Learning Management System and the e-learning courses to facilitate this new initiative that aims to provide a convenient platform for Board Members of non-profit organizations in Singapore to be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to discharge their responsibilities effectively. Director of the Social Service Training Institute, Tan Bee Heong, says that the online platform is needed to cater to more people. "We've got to understand that board members are actually very busy people. So in fact, not only do we have classroom training during office hours, we then began to have programmes in the weekends. And we feel that to offer even more programmes with flexibility, the e-learning will be able to meet the needs of busy board members who can't come to SSTI for training and they do it at their home, in the office, at their own time, and place and so on."

SSTI first launched its Board Governance training programmes in 2003 using classroom learning. More than 2,000 participants have since enrolled for the classes.

Ms Tan said that the e-learning platform hopes to attract 100 board members for each module per year. The three e-Learning modules are: "Board Roles: Functions & Responsibilities"; "Board Dynamics: Board-ED-Staff Partnership & Board Meetings"; and "Ethics and Managing Conflicts of Interest".

There are now about 1,900 charities in Singapore.

Commenting on the innovative move by SSTI, "in times of economic crisis when financial resources are limited and yet training cannot be compromised, leveraging the internet technologies to deliver more training at lower total cost of human capital development is an excellent strategy for companies and non-profit organizations " said Dr Tay Chor Ter, CEO of Inchone Pte Ltd.