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Singapore’s People’s Association adopts Inchone Learning Management Solution 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 9:00:00 PM

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In collaboration with its partner, SMG Training Systems, Inchone will deploy its learning management solution to enable human resource related training to be delivered online to 3,000 staff members of the People’s Association (PA) in Singapore. In addition, the system will be used to help its staff in getting familiar with the new premises that the Association is moving into in January 2009.

The People’s Association in Singapore is a leading government agency that promotes social cohesion, racial harmony and Government-to-People connectivity has a network of about 1800 grassroots organizations. These organizations are managed by volunteers who work with the Association to organize a wide range of programmes and activities to cater to the needs and interests of Singaporeans from all walks of life.

The system is expected to be ready for PA’s staff training from January 2009.